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Understanding practise traditional martial arts! ” devour Kong Ming is passed ” brand-new version is official put on sale

All previous classics awaits for years, the bout makes RPG understanding make ” devour Kong Ming is passed ” at official now put on sale! Brand-new 2019 of version ” devour Kong Ming is passed ” , will bring more playing to each player law and surprise. Game lands phoenix game and Wegame platform now! Digital edition price: 55 clothbound of ¥ strategy edition price: ¥ 128 ” devour Kong Ming is passed ” will land phoenix game client this to carry, leave bureau date of a Zhang, game wants to be able to play where where. At the same time game still files supportive cloud! No matter Zhang date is landed which can support the download that file. Activation instead, bind calm hardware information to will make the history! Game publicizes video:

Grow when game flow exceed 50 hours, and fierce of more than 200 the Three Kingdomses will come on stage, the part that the player can be joined through the play and uses amounts to 50 above, every part joined Chinese sound actor to go out act, dub of whole journey battle

Mix through gut conceal collect a variety of counsellor endowment, combine them to come arbitrarily aggrandizement this blast fight ability. Every fierce general can be acted [counsellor] this part, pass activation counsellor natural gift, will enhance the combat effectiveness of the team.

The stash that can search is tasted amount to 200 kinds of above, the stratagem that fierce general can review and reach ability sum total 100 above and mix through the play conceal can review a variety of blast law, in order to promote a war with a total team force.

The fierce of every part ability it is unique, all can develop respective function. Match at the same time fetch stone, can reach equipment promotion different level, in order to acquire stronger fighting capacity! [forging] , [craftsman] , [hit really] 3 phase that are play equipment, the equipment after forginging may appear to conceal the effect newly.

Share 80 kinds of hidden to accomplish, finish the difficulty that they can pursue perfection to challenge.

Warfare system plays a way as the core that this making, included more than kinds 50 strategy to apply, OK and aleatoric switch will choose target range, and by both sides the intelligence of fierce general is mixed skill, will decide the success of stratagem.

All sorts of branch line were added in the play the task and conceal, be called in game [attainment] , become corresponding target in order to amount to through finishing different branch line job. [attainment] the amount can affect game to connect directly those who close is complete degree

Game is connected 2 weeks of eye can activation after closing. In 2 weeks of eye, the chaos from Huang Jin only then in can solving Suo Quanwu to will reach a play all concealing part, can call arbitrarily be restricted no longer by gut, can have more concealing at the same time fierce general part is OK collect, and the bag contains all sorts of rich endowment award and prop accede, this foreign enemy blast the change that also can produce world-shaking, gut chaos is entered etc all possible.

Photograph of the game in formal edition relatively before test version had been done originally alter brand-newly, new scale fierce of about a hundred the Three Kingdoms will original painting. All fierce all will configure the battle CV that achieves formerly. New scale in game all ” weather effect ” , can more apparent see weather changes.

Formal edition ” devour Kong Ming is passed ” still used 30 brand-new BGM, and brand-new phonic effect and acoustical effect, brought more be enmeshed the atmosphere experience of type. UI interface has distinguishing feature alone, can the configuration of more direct general view role and menu picture. The systematic set in game adds battle specially good effect, before setting name, jump over animation, file automatically, the cloud files wait for a function, can change in setting bill of fare. In blame war situation but open files automatically function.

Apply ” training ” system, the player can carry the plot of a play, conceal, the means such as the battle obtains corresponding training value, use at distributing aleatoric part, promote the foundation of the part effectively grade, but will be restricted in the player in training system by grade, after following open of 2 weeks of purposes, will remove grade restriction.

Through gut, conceal, the means such as the battle still can obtain those who amount to 80 [counsellor endowment] , [counsellor endowment] can not follow counsellor individual and decide, can have free combination however, joined check the number of the greatest natural gift at the same time, can win promotion along with the play.

Game is paragraphic all sorts of intuitionistic statistic elements after pass a barrier (auxiliary attribute, attainment, conceal etc) also can affect an opinion that concern, the evaluation will affect award of 2 weeks of purposes to wait. Can pass stage ” merit system ” examine.

Made 12 brand-new conceal fierce general at the same time, can add player a group of people of same interest through the play. Added 4 to connect after closing conceal attainment. And completely paragraphic close ending to reach conceal ending.

Game setting:

In last years of a dynasty or reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty, tempestuous rise from all directions, a large number of heroes sets up a separatist regime by force of arms. A huge empire that has 400 years of glory by fill turn decline, in this turbulent troubled times, everybody does not know future how, common people people become destitute and homeless, be forced to bear wear what warlike war brings to persecute. A lot of natural and man-made disaster is waited a moment in Huan Chen, arid, commotion under, eventually crushing this once brilliant and powerful and prosperous empire, random battle from this open.

Incomplete character, dead already Huang Jin should establish blue sky! Peace and tranquility teachs the founder of a religion, zhang Jiao is multiplied situation lead believer children millions, undertake large-scale revolting, the life says ” Huang Jin’s chaos ” .

Zhang Jiao takes the advantage of this opportunity, with strange book ” peace and tranquility wants art ” minister people, energetically advocate ” blue sky is dead already, huang Tian should stand, year old in a cycle of sixty years, the world big auspicious ” . Next, this kind has blind faith in thought confuse the people’s minds, to instantly imperial court, people loses faith already.

Each district of Huangjin army fight in some places one by one, defeat utterly Guan Jun, revolting fire is like conflagration of set the prairie ablaze earth of flashy combustion China. The world general trends be about to the centre of the palm of include yellow towel while, each hero like a rising wind and scudding clouds, agglomeration makes period of the Three Kingdoms an ablaze nova of a bright. In the cataract of the world big chaos, these ablaze nova fly commonly as flood dragon dragon remove the sky, in the sky to the top of one’s bent volant hover.

The Zhuge Kongming that player place acts is the chaos from Huang Jin only then, to dummy ending from ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly Chinese room revives till, show its to be full of legend colorific lifetime.

Game cut pursues:

The hope is besides game no longer junior you, can guard that together with us the portion is the purest true sensation!

More ” devour Kong Ming is passed ” relevant, pay close attention to the following content please

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